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Cleveland Browns' Mike Pettine: I'm Not Rex Ryan

Here's what else we learned: 1. Pettine looks like a prizefighter. Far from milquetoast, the coach acknowledged he couldn't wait to rip off his jacket and orange tie and get down to business. "This team is going to be built on toughness," said Pettine. "To play in the AFC North, you have to be willing to bloody your nose." Biggest question marks in mock drafts 2. Pettine dismissed notions that he wasn't the team's first choice and said he felt no uneasiness about taking a job that saw Rob Chudzinski fired after just one season. "It's not unnerving," he said, pointing to an interview process that revealed a "leadership group committed to winning." Pettine came across as a grinder, telling the room: "Don't look for a better job; do a better job." 3. Bills fans might wonder about that last quote, but Pettine took time to thank Buffalo and coach Doug Marrone .

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